Love & Hip Hop Review


Ok, so I’m gonna be brief…

This is a H.A.M.! A HOTT ASS MESS!

I’m going to skip all the hoopla and get right to it…..

Chrissy shouldn’t have stole Kimbella like that…Kimbella was right, it wasn’t her business but that also..wasn’t the time to be telling folk that you slept with her man…while she was preggers….& GIRLZ Kimbella DID know that Fab was with Emily….I know a liar when I see one.

Chrissy didn’t like Kimbella when she came to the jewelry party to begin with.  Talkin’ bout it wasn’t appropriate to wear #JeanPanties to a “Professional Gathering”…..Ummmmmmm if that was the case, then yall allllll should have been in Suits. 

Chrissy should close her legs when seated….it is not “Professional” to sit like you are on the bench of a NBA game girl. 

Mama Jones is a mess!  I love her!  She does get Jazzy with her mouth, but hey.  This is my thing….If Mama Jones is allowed to speak to Chrissy that way and Jim never checks it, then who dropped the ball?  Not Jim and Not his mother!

Chrissy, Chrissy, Chrissy, WHY would you go buy a #REPLACEMENT ring for a dude who ain’t even give YOU an engagement ring yet?  #Fail

He can buy you diamond earrings, but no engagement ring? 


Somaya, I guess you’re off the hook this season, because it looks like Kimbella took your place. And lay off the carbs girl….it shows.

And oh….

Can someone please tell me why ONE’S WEAVE would be scattered about the floor after a brawl?  Girlfriend shoulda took some of that money and invested it in some or a FIYA lacefront! 

If my weave was on the floor like that…all in the camera’s view….HELL in America’s View…








That’s all folk…stay tuned for future updates and a video review coming real soon!

Love Yall!

xoxoxo Anji Ray

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