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Anji Ray, pronounced (An*Jee Ra:) is a Panamanian-American born actress, comedian & writer born in Augusta, Georgia to Panamanian parents Rodolfo Raymond & Glenda Raymond. Rodolfo Raymond served honorably in The United States Army for 20 years before retiring in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996. Her mother, Glenda Raymond is also a entrepreneur, writer, motivational speaker, and dabbled with acting in her hometown, Colon, Panama. Anji, is the eldest of two siblings, Carla Raymond and Jerome Raymond. Carla Raymond is an account as well as an entrepreneur and Jerome Raymond is a Junior at Morehead State University in Kentucky. Jerome Raymond plays football as a defensive end for Morehead State University’s, Eagles. The buzz is that the NFL is looking to draft him upon graduation, next year.

Anji Ray studied her craft at The American Musical & Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles and graduated in 2010. She is currently working on several different projects and can be seen on America’s Court and several indie music videos. She was bitten by the acting bug in 2004 as an extra on the set of Beyonce Knowles and Cuba Gooding Junior’s feature film, The Fighting Temptations and has been studying the craft ever since.

As an upcoming, established actor & comedian, Anji Ray values wisdom and advice from her fellow peers in the industry and has made a rather bold declaration to receive an Academy Award in the year of 2016. With all the trials and tribulations that this young actress has endured, she is determined to make a memorable mark in Hollywood’s entertainment industry. One of her goals other than winning a prestigious Academy Award, is to start a Conservatory of the Arts for disadvantaged children across the globe.

Anji Ray prides herself on her Christian upbringing and has incorporated her beliefs to every aspect of her life. One of her favorite quotes is, “It is what it is, until you change it”. She is currently studying at The Groundlings Improv School in Hollywood, CA.

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  1. Good luck for your academy award – may 2016 be your year!

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