I almost forgot about the all time foolery on this week’s episode of Scandal!

Part 2 of my review on this week’s episode of Scandal…..Huck did what?

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Anji Ray talks about the foolery on this week’s episode of Scandal….Guess who’s coming to dinner?

I couldn’t wait till this episode was done to get my review done! This week my favorite person to hate was poppa Pope. He is a hot mess! See what I have to say about the shenanigans that was going on tonight. Fierceness is an understatement.

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An Anji Ray Review: Catfish Season 2, Episode 14 “Keyonnah & Bow Wow”–Girl, Bye!


They say, “God only watches over fools and babies.”  Well, chile’ HUNTY, God must have Michael and the rest of the angels keeping watch over Keyonnah.  Yall, I wasn’t going to give this episode much attention, but given the fact that mention of it has seeped onto MOST if not all my social media sites, I’ll dedicate a thought or three.

1.  Keyonnah, for lack of better words, is a bit special.  Nev and Max KNEW from the moment they opened up that email, that Ms. Keyonnah was either challenged, delusional, or a very balanced combination.  Personally, I think she is lying about receiving $10k from a stranger who is claiming to be Bow Wow.  She knew she wasn’t communicating with no dang gone Bow Wow.  Point. Blank. Period.  And she wasn’t.  Come to find out, the Facebook Page that claimed to belong to Bow Wow, the one she had initially “Liked”, supernaturally disappeared. This doesn’t sound good.  CLEARLY!

2.  Fast Forward.  Max and Nev are in a hotel room, sorting out the details if this is really Bow Wow or not.  ITS NOTTTTTTTTTTT!  Yall are too grown to be playing up for the cameras like this.  Too grown.  Nev and Max head to the KeKe’s house to say they “came up” with a few things.  They got in touch with someone at MTV’s studio and asked if that person knew Bow Wow’s assistant.  They did.  So, why didn’t they just reach DIRECTLY out to Bow Wow.  Yall see where I’m going with this?  I’m skipping over all the details because this episode is stupid.

3.  Last point.  KeKe finds out that the MAN she was planning the rest of her life with after 4 months, was indeed NOT BOW WOW, but a GIRL named Dee Pimpin’.  Who has managed to have fooled tons of mentally challenged rachets into believing that SHE was really a HE.  Even down to the bedroom antics.  Something about lamb.  And of course you know the rest.  KeKe is super embarrassed and can’t believe that the person she was planning a lifetime with was not Bow Wow, but she kinda of guessed it wouldn’t be, but she would have never guessed it wasn’t even a man!  Poor Keke.  Poor lil Keke.  Dee Pimpin'(who claims to be a rapper, but once Nev “googled” the name, no search results were found) insists that she would do anything for KeKe and her baby if given the chance. sHE’s sorry.  Girl, bye!  The Real Bow Wow on the other hand feels extremely flattered and seems to have missed the whole point.  See for yourself here Bow Wow’s Response to Catfish .  Missed the episode?  That’s okay, catch up by clicking here Catfish: “Keyonna & ‘Bow Wow’ “, Season 2 Episode 14

What do you guys think?  Fake or Real?

Till next time loves.  Muah!

Anji Ray

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‘Scandal’ Recap: Fitz & Olivia’s Affair Leaker Revealed On Season Premiere

Great rundown!

Hollywood Life

Spoiler alert: Stop reading if you haven’t watched the season premiere of ‘Scandal.’ It was a doozy!

Aren’t gossip reporters just the worst? With her secret finally out in the open, Olivia (Kerry Washington) spent the Oct. 3 season premiere of Scandal dodging the press, while simultaneously dealing with her daddy issues and trying to figure out what to do next. As gross as this may sound, the entire hour was about Olivia “handling” herself — and she did it brilliantly.

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An Anji Ray Review: Scandal, Season 3/Episode 1 ….”Its Handled”—Whew, chile!

Check out my review on the explosive season 3 premiere of Scandal! My favorite quote for the night hands down goes to Olivia’s daddy…..”…and let’s just be clear, I am the Hell & High Water”. Lawd Jesus! Did yall watch? Thoughts?

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the Unwritten Rules: An Explosive New Webseries Focusing on Corporate Truths

Ahhhhh! I just love when I come across a good web-series and I think I just may have come across my newest YouTube fix. “the Unwritten Rules” is a phenomenal series which focuses on the hidden truths of what it really means to be “The Only One” in a corporate American office setting.

Creator Kim Williams, a humble and witty writer brings a fresh perspective on race relations within the work place by leaving no stone unturned. Already in Season two, with 3 more episodes to go, the series has explored cultural truths, blind ignorance and idiosyncrasies that most of us in corporate America have experienced. Enough of me babbling, check out the latest episode “We’re Not THAT Close”. Let me know what you think and don’t forget to subscribe!

Starring Aasha Davis, David Lowe, Sara Finley, Balbinka Korzeniowska, Kayla Ibarra, Kayla Ibarra, Ebenezer Quaye, Ebenezer Quaye, Lyn Ross, Gabrielle Christian, Imari Düren, Tyra Richards & Christina Mendoza Lopez.

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Some days are worse than others

Some days are worse than others.  Most of the time, I just try to stay focused, positive and prayerful.  But there are days like today, October 1st, that bring me to a very real reality and sometimes I’m uncertain of what the future holds.  Being an artist is one of the most challenging things to master, but then if you weren’t an artist….what would you be?  Artists are born artists, they’re not made.

Some days are worse than others

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