Is Anderson Cooper low-key being funny? Whales SEND divers a CLEAR message….STAY OUT!

Okay yall………You “KIND-OF” sensed a little danger? Two humpback whales made their point today: Stay the hell up out of our living room! Anderson Cooper has a distinct manner in which he poises questions, “And Francis, what was going through YOUR mind as this was happening?” “Francis, do you think the whales KNEW you were there?” Anderson Cooper, you ain’t foolin’ nobody here with these questions. Hell yeah those two mountainous whales knew they were there! What you MEANT to say is why were yall two big dummies out in the middle of the ocean lollygagging with all the obvious looming red flags? Didn’t yall see the the seagulls flying frantically in circles? Talmbout yall sensed danger…. The whales should of ATE YALL derrieres UP! #RealTalk

About Anji Ray

Anji Ray: An*jee Rey -noun Panamanian Princesa. A force. A lover. A Fighter. 5-Star. Trained. Classy. Ready. Actor. Groundling In Training.
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