As Promised! My Video Review on Milk of Magnesia! Part 1

This is my vlog about using an unlikely product, Milk of Magnesia, to control excess oil production on your face! Use this product under your makeup and stay matte all day long! This is THE HOLY GRAIL of remedies!

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Now This is Gucci!

Typically, commercials are something that I hardly pay attention to, UNLESS they’re captivating. That seems to be the case with this Bamboo Confidential commercial by Gucci. All I can say is that whenever I see a Gucci label again, I’ll remember this spot. This is one of the most fabulous spots I’ve seen in a long time! Now, THIS is Gucci! Enjoy!

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Yes Gawd! No More Oily Skin! The Cure? MILK OF MAGNESIA


Hey loves!

O.M.G!  First let me say that today was the first time in my life that I’ve used Milk of Magnesia as a face primer.  I’ve read and seen numerous reviews on this product and mostly all swore by it.  So, my curiosity got the best of me and I headed out to Walgreens to pick me up a bottle.  My problem is my T-Zone where the oil demons love to gather and ruin my day, not to mention, oxidize my makeup.  Enough is enough!  I hated blotting and was going to put a stop to this once and for all.  All I can say is, GO GET IT!  It is a true miracle and I’m so glad that I came across so many reviews on it.  I did every activity in the world today to sweat and get the oil demons worked up and all to no avail, which is a good thing!  I even steamed my bathroom, trying to discredit this remedy.  Matte all day long.  I even took a nap and woke up matte.  Okay!  So, I’ll post a video up maybe tomorrow on this miracle for all you non-believers.  Thank God for small miracles!!


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Bag Lady…


Bag lady you gon’ hurt your back…dragging all them bags like that.

My back is already hurt, add that to this splitting headache that I woke up with and empty stomach and we got ourselves a winner!  Walking out of Ralphs with my last supper, I was pleasantly pissed to see the 20 bus zoom right by me.  Breathe girl, breathe.  Is it worth the wait under this slave sun or should I start walking the 4 blocks to my house with both hands full of weight?  What to do?  What to do?  You know what?  I’ll walk.

Wrong choice.

As I began my hike, the 20 bus heading in the opposite direction stopped in front of me.  From it disembarked a loser that I am embarrassed to have known.

“Hey!” he exclaims excitedly.

“Hey.” I murmured while silently cursing myself for not waiting for the next bus.  As he glanced at the heavy load I was carrying, it DID NOT cross his lentil-sized brain to offer a little help. Go figure, since he’d been trying to “Holla” at me for the longest anyways.  Freakin’ LOSER!

Maybe if I just KEEP walking, he’ll fall back and fade away.

Thank God for little prayers, because that’s EXACTLY what he did.  Thank God.

As I continued my journey, the bags became heavier and heavier.  So, I decided to throw the heaviest one in my purse to balance my load.  Stopping off in front of the Subway to “evenly distribute”, a middle-aged African American woman comes out and exclaims with all the joy she could muster,

“Now THAT’S what I call a heavy load!”

By this time, my annoyance level had just about PEAKED.  As I looked at the small framed woman, I wish I’d had a baby wipe to viciously eliminate her drawn on eyebrows. I uttered the stupidest response, “Thank You” and continued on about my way.  To my amusement, some Caucasian man, balding, but a cutie, winked at me as I had just completed my about-face from “Brows”.  Okay, normally, I would be a little flirty back, but I was just not in the mood.  He too, looked at my grocery load, but he looked liked he wanted to remove them from my hands.  What ifs.  What ifs.

Then with just a block to go, guess who pulled up and asked the dumbest question?  My Caucasian heart-throb.  He asked,

“Are you still lugging those bags around?”

In my head, I cursed him out.  What the hell does it look like? Hell YEAH, I’m still LUGGING these bags around.  What would I have done between blocks 3 & 4 NOT to be lugging the bags around?

“Pardon me?” I replied with just the sweetest smile I could plaster on my face.

“Are you still lugging those bags around?”

Okay, so obviously this guy thinks that that line is going to work.  I mean, I thought maybe at first that he just blurted it out of sheer nervousness but he HAD time to bounce back with another line.  Like, what’s your name?  Etc.

“I only have a few blocks to go, thank you.” I rebutted.

“Oh, ok.” He responded and drove away.

Bag lady you gone hurt your back….

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An Anji Ray Review: Fergie’s Wet N’ Wild Creme Eyeliner….FAB!

My first make-up review on Fergie’s new product line with Wet N’ Wild. This is my segue into purchasing further creme make-up products and I have to say that this is a must-have! Let me know your thoughts….AFTER, you try it! xoxo Anji Ray

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VaShawn Mitchell: His Blood Still Works

I love this reminder that I’m protected! I love Jesus!

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Spain Train Crash: Don’t Let the Sun Go Down….

May God bless the 78 people that lost their lives in yesterday’s tragedy. In the blink of an eye, a hybrid train derailed yesterday leaving many with more questions than answers. With the recent string of defective technology making sporadic appearances in the news pipelines, it makes you really rethink and realize that we can not rely on technology to be perfect. My prayers are with the 90+ people who are survivors of this tragedy and will forever be haunted by this freak accident. My mother always used to say to us children, “Never let the sun go down without forgiving someone you may be at odds with.” This accident makes me remember just how valid those words are and how tomorrow is not promised.

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Mamie Smith: Paradise In Harlem (1939)

Mamie Smith was the first African-American to make vocal blues recordings in 1920. Dubbed the “Queen of Blues” she became a sensation throughout many genres of the arts. Paradise in Harlem is a perfect example of how influential Shakespeare was throughout all races. The exploration of real-life issues and plain but hopeful dreams makes this movie a “Must-See”. Starring Frank H. Wilson, Mamie Smith, Norman Astwood, Edna Mae Harris. Enjoy!

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Humphrey Bogart, In his last film appearance: The Harder They Fall (1956)

Cultural icon, Humphrey Bogart, gives us an undisputed excellent performance in his last feature film ever made. “The Harder They Fall” is a film noir that challenges the audience to question the lines of morality within the boxing industry. Just how far would you go for money? Starring world champions Jersey Joe Walcott and Max Baer this is definitely a classic must see!

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Paying Homage: Charlie Chaplin Stars in “The Champion” (1915)

Charlie Chaplin, an iconic screen figure from the earlier days of cinema, entertains  in this slapstick comedic bit from the 1900’s. “The Champion” gives us insight to an era that should always be esteemed and reflects one of America’s favorite pastimes, boxing. Made with gracious and simple frames, let us never forget and continue to pay homage to an industry that continues to evolve. Enjoy!

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