Spain Train Crash: Don’t Let the Sun Go Down….

May God bless the 78 people that lost their lives in yesterday’s tragedy. In the blink of an eye, a hybrid train derailed yesterday leaving many with more questions than answers. With the recent string of defective technology making sporadic appearances in the news pipelines, it makes you really rethink and realize that we can not rely on technology to be perfect. My prayers are with the 90+ people who are survivors of this tragedy and will forever be haunted by this freak accident. My mother always used to say to us children, “Never let the sun go down without forgiving someone you may be at odds with.” This accident makes me remember just how valid those words are and how tomorrow is not promised.

About Anji Ray

Anji Ray: An*jee Rey -noun Panamanian Princesa. A force. A lover. A Fighter. 5-Star. Trained. Classy. Ready. Actor. Groundling In Training.
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