@MTV ‘s @NevSchulman ‘s #Catfish ….Jasmine and Mike….The Rachetness


Season 1, Episode 4: Jasmine & Mike…..

First of all @NevSchulman , congrats on your new @MTV TV show #Catfish, I own the documentary and this is the perfect formula for success. I loved the documentary and it seems like I’m loving the series so far.

Let me jump right into this as the details are still fresh on my mind.  The editing department did a phenomenal job on cutting this to build anticipation.  I initially heard about the uproar this particular episode caused from my Panamanian friend and follower @SeattleSlim last night via Twitter.

From the beginning to the end of this episode I was completely and forcibly engaged.  The producers had the right target demographic because at the very minimum at least ONE protected class was represented, The handicapped,  for all intent purposes I’m referencing the principal character here,  Jasmine.

Jasmine is a slightly mentally challenged girl,  who also happens to be a mother to a nine-month old infant.  As an actor it is my JOB to study human behavior in order to imitate it accurately.  Her handicap was obvious, not because of her socio-economic class, but in the manner in which she communicated with both Nev and Max.  She seems to be able to take care of herself and her child but when it comes on to common sense, that is where the lines get blurry.

Anywho, everybody needs and deserves love. You can stop reading this now and check out the episode here—–> Jasmine Meets Mike

Location:  Atlanta, probably in one of the Zones…Maybe zone 3…

Jasmine has been talking to a guy, Mike Handston Davis, who happens to live 15 minutes away for TWO YEARS without ever laying eyes on him in person.  Jasmine alludes to being a teenage mother of a nine month old beautiful baby boy and says that it is tough being a mother.  I say alludes because its not clear as to how old she is but I’m guessing 19 years old.  She’s only talked to “Mike” twice in TWO years on the phone.  Its obvious that she is not computer savvy, but then again that’s questionable as she Skypes with Nev throughout the show.  On her CRACKED phone…..  Jasmine reads several text messages to Nev and Max from Mike.  The humor in all of this is that there is a 2nd camera crew that is picking up several unsaid visually disturbing shots.

She tells Nev that she is no longer with  the babydaddy  “Father of her baby” and that Mike Handston Davis has been there for her emotionally and that SHE he, is everything that she ever wanted in  a man.  Fast forward to the investigative portion of the show, Nev and @MaxJoseph discuss the plethora of red flags stemming from this “relationship”.

Google Image is used here instantaneously to see if any identical matches come up through the search engine.  Interestingly enough….a hit comes up of another page, with Mike’s picture but just another name (Tyler)  .  This is explored slightly and some woman is called to get clarification on Mike’s relationship status as Jasmine fears that he may still be seeing his ex-fiance.

Nev and Max speak to a woman (Ceanna) that verifies that Mike Handston Davis is engaged with two kids.  They decide to confront Jasmine with the scarce information that they gathered, including the highly IMPROBABLE search results of Mike’s supposed employer. Mike Handston Davis incorrectly tagged his employer (GOVERNMENT MODEL CENTRAL SCHOOL) and it came up with some building located in Lohore, Pakistan.  Mike is supposedly a model coordinator.  They try to call Mike Handston Davis unsuccessfully but were able to text with him.  Red flag. Red flag. Red flag.

Sidenote:  Jasmine is constantly trying to give unwanted hugs to both Nev and Max.

Sidenote:  Max and Nev are constantly giving Jasmine bombshell compliments.  She is not a bombshell.  Her eye shadow was cute though…

Sidenote:  Shellmont Inn has successfully been plugged you can visit them at http://www.ShellmontInn.com and on Twitter @shellmontinn .

Sidenote:  Jasmine is very nervous and constantly encouraging herself by saying, “I can do it, I can do it.”

Sidenote:  Why was everyone sitting on the steps outside the apartment building?

Sidenote:  Looking at MHissy’s makeup pisses me off….. I wonder what color she has on….like my friend @FunkyDineva often says….. #Embalm #5.

Sidenote:  Was that a OSTRICH FEATHER tatted on Jasmine?

Sidenote:  So, WHO was the FINE guy in the picture?  That boy was probably like, “Oh, HELL NAW yall can’t say my name!”

Sidenote:  Did anyone else see how Jasmine spelled out NEV AND MAX’s name on the fridge with the baby’s alphabet magnets?

Sidenote:  I HOPE SOMEBODY FROM @MTV CALLED THE DEPARTMENT OF CHILD SERVICES BECAUSE Flaming Cheetos is not a fit mother…..that poor baby.

Fast forward, Nev and Max tell Jasmine to insist on seeing Mike because they need to have a serious “face2face” conversation.  Mike agrees and they go to some GHETTO in the SWATS (South West Atlanta).  Max comments that the neighborhood is not indicative of someone who is affluent in the modeling industry.

Mike comes downstairs and meets them in the parking lot.  Mike is really……a trick named Mhissy Banks ( @MhissyBanks on Twitter) YES…..THE “H” is silent.

Sidenote: Because Mhissy has made her Twitter private, the public has bombarded her youtube page and disliked ALL 4 OF HER VIDEOS! You too can visit her channel here: http://www.youtube.com/MhissyBanks

Jasmine warns her to stay away.  Mhissy continues to advance at which point she tosses a CLUB rose at Jasmine (a club rose is the rose that the hustlers sell AT THE NIGHTCLUBS!….YALL KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT).  And starts to laugh.  Revenge is her motive.  For what reason? That remains unclear.

MHissy has FLAMING red hair….a red zippered mini dress……and is as dark as me. Rhianna is officially off the hook with the picture below…..they can retire this photo FOREVER….Rhianna

MHISSY has an Etch and Sketch Face….her makeup is a disaster. BLUEPRINT has taken on a whole new definition.

MHISSY weighs approximately 112 lbs and ACTUALLY lightly shoves Jasmine.  Poor little Jasmine who is around 216 lbs.  is actually in a state of shock and wants to “Beat Mhissy’s ass”.

Sidenote:  Did MHissy say “SIKE”?

Sidenote:  Did Nev say, while rubbing his index finger across it…… “Oh, I just realized you didn’t have any table?”

I could go on and on with the RACHETNESS but honestly, I’m drained.  Go watch it AND if you’re bored, you won’t be after viewing this.  My blood was boiling!  Thanks @SeattleSlim…..

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32 Responses to @MTV ‘s @NevSchulman ‘s #Catfish ….Jasmine and Mike….The Rachetness

  1. Seattle Slim says:

    This was an excellent summary of the show. I also thought that Nev made Catfish go to the next level with this episode, it was too good. No matter what was wrong with Jasmine, she can be forgiven. But Mhissy, nope! She’s a wrap.

    • Anji Ray says:


      Nena…..Mhissy makes me so angry! I mean, all in all she is a very spiteful girl…..I can’t believe you made me watch this episode….lol… Social media is a very powerful thing!

  2. Jordan says:

    On another note I found Mhissy’s facebook page and she is literally happy she showed America how psycho she is! and I quote ” MTV November 12, 2012 # hard work pays off” You are proud you look like a girl with too much time on her hands who enjoys causng pain to other people who mess with your man? Sidenote..What is her handicap? I just thought it was a lisp

    • Anji Ray says:

      Jordan! Thank you so much for the positive review…..lol @ the lisp….I didn’t catch that one! I was thinking maybe she was maybe a little deaf or a little slow….I kept watching how her and Nev were interacting and she just seems to be very dependent on what Nev was saying. So I chalked it up to her being handicaped. I’m in utter DISMAY at Mhissy’s facebook page….Hard work? oh child, that might be another blog….Thank you again and make sure to follow me on Twitter @Anjiray or @QueXopaCali_PTY to stay in the loop love! Because, like I said, if this RACHET MESS Mhissy can #DoIT, I’ll be darned if my professional training as an actor doesn’t pay off some sort of way! xoxo Anji Ray

      • Jordan says:

        Lol well I hope you’re career does too! So many people deserve it rather than this dreanged Nicki Minaj wanna be…*my cousin offered me that perspective and it is sooo fitting*

      • Anji Ray says:

        Child! Please don’t get me started with Nicki Minaj….she does the same thing to my blood….boils it! But yes, Mhissy does remind me of Rachet Nicki…I mean seriously, did she say that her body was PERFECT?? She needs to have SEVERAL seats! Jordand I love you! lol! Thanks for the follow on Twitter too dahling! xoxo

  3. Leslie says:

    Great writing. This show made me cringe. I cannot believe someone could be so cruel and vindictive. Mhissy needs some professional help that we all know she will never get. I think if presented with the right person who mistreats Mhissy, she could be very dangerous. Love the show and hope it keeps renewing.

    • Anji Ray says:

      Thank you Leslie! Yes, I hope he gets this show renewed and they win many awards. The rachetness is so deeply rooted in Mhissy that she thinks that she really is putting in “work”. Like I was telling Jordan, as a classically trained actor (Shakespeare, Improv, Writing, etc.) out here in Hollywood trying to make a way for myself and get my MANDATORY SAG card, it irks me to no end when people like this get studio dollars spent on them. All in all, I think Mhissy fits the definition of a megalomaniac—–(see below). She is beyond dangerous and I CAN NOT BELIEVE that she was awarded full custody of her niece. #NODEAL . Thanks again girl, and please make sure to follow me on Twitter @anjiray or @QueXopaCali_PTY and to like me on Facebook to stay in the loop! xoxo : http://www.facebook.com/pages/QueXopaCali_PTY/249240231855636

      Definition of MEGALOMANIA

      : a mania for great or grandiose performance
      : a delusional mental disorder that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur

    • Julia says:


      considering she has a criminal record with several charges against her involving “disorderly conduct” and “harassment,” I agree with your assessment that she’s very dangerous. I hope the child she claims to have adopted is safe, bless its heart.

  4. steven says:

    mike is a dummmmmmmb stooooopid ignorant mf!!! lol./ you is duuuumd beeeach. as far as my girl he duped.,,,,,,babby bless you! aye yo dike….ummm mike….you is a sellout on national tv fag boy. be a man to your kids playa. be a mf daddy… not a donor u weak bitch.

  5. I still can’t believe these people don’t use Skpe or something. Jasmine looks way better then old girl. Still two years and all you do is text, that’s crazy. I wonder if Triggs knew old girl was doing this. I going to try to find Jasmine she real cute. I have Skype she can see me. My Facebook page is real.

    • Anji Ray says:

      Its interesting that you would say that! I’m dying!!! Omg, so, because this particular entry on my blog has been such a success, I’ve done some research and you gotta listen to what Nev said about Skype…..

  6. Anji,
    I died reading this. i mean tears and all. how ratchet is a name like “Ceanna”? you have a new follower in me.

    • Anji Ray says:

      “Ceanna”,…..Child, I’m glad you liked it! But did you see how Nev and Max stayed complimenting them….talmbout, “Ceanna……that’s a beautiful name.” You know that was code for…..”What in the living hell kinda name is that.”……I’m so through with this show…BUT I LOVES IT! Thank you for the follow, Now following back! xoxo Anji

  7. JP says:

    This episode highlight the simple fact that women are too petty. Why would you lead a girl in circles for two years…..all because of a man? LOUD STEUPS….and a man who clearly was creeping too.

    Mhissy what you did was beyond cruel…and her whole family is GHETTO. NO coffee table, your mother’s name is Lovely and a niece named Diamond??? Really…is that how ghetto people in the ATL roll?

    Women it is not worth having these feuds over a man…NOT worth.

    • Anji Ray says:


      I totally agree, and for the record not all people in Atlanta are ghetto. But honey, that is the minority! I lived there for 10 years and can attest to that 100%! I completely forgot about the names…..and the strategic way in which the names came up. Nev was clever about that one. Thanks for the comment honey! xoxo Anji Ray

      • JP says:

        No probs…I am from Trinidad and when I saw the show on cable, I was like hell naw….negroes cant be acting like that in ATL can they?

        I will definately keep following your blog.

      • Anji Ray says:

        Lol!!! SOME Negroes act worse than that in ATL sometimes! Its all comedy…lol….I love my people though, but in Panama and the caribbean as a whole we can’t be acting a fool like that! Get talked about QUICK! Thank you for following my blog and make sure to catch all of the up to the minute details and happenings on Twitter @AnjiRay or @QueXopaCali_PTY thanks love!

  8. someone kind says:

    omg this blog is my new life . I love it so much

    • Anji Ray says:

      Awe….this is so encouraging! It has taken me quite sometime to figure out what was a hit, so every comment is important to me. I’m so glad that you liked it and please make sure to follow me on twitter to keep up with the Joneses….lol….
      Someone Kind many blessings to you!
      xoxo Anji Ray

  9. Brittany Moye says:

    I thought that this show was such a good one. I couldn’t believe that Mhissy would do such a thing to a human being. and for that long…wow. that is sad and pathetic. why don’t you have enough confidences in your own self to allow your “man” to just want you. instead of getting frustrated at the man who was cheating on you, it was you getting mad at the other girl. grow up honey. you have no heart and you have no soul. she is a selfish person. she would rather be with a man that cheats on her then have more respect for her own self. Pretty sad and selfish.

    This is such a great blog and i plan on following up!


    • Anji Ray says:

      Hi Brittany!

      Girl, thank you so much for keepin’ up with me! I am so grateful to all of the support I’m getting. Please tell me I’m not going to be mad about Episode 5. If Jarrod is played by “Abigail”…..I WILL LOSE IT! I like him. As for MHISSY….her very sight angers me! The fact that she calls herself an actress is a SLAP TO SHAKESPEARE! Some women love to chase….THAT will get you nowhere, FAST! Mean people should move to an island and be FORCED TO BE NICE TO EACH OTHER IN ORDER TO EAT! LOL! XOXO ANJI

  10. Justin L says:

    why do you think she is mentally challenged

    • Anji Ray says:

      Just by the way she interacts with Nev…..sort of slow like…I’ve worked with way too many people to know the signs! Thanks for reading love. xoxo Anji Ray

  11. Anonymous says:

    I just saw this episode last night and came searching ’cause I knew there would be someone who shared my thoughts. I laughed through your whole post. Dead on!

    One thing I haven’t seen anyone comment on though…The update part, did you notice it said Mhissy had become guardian of her niece? How the hell did that happen? Poor little Diamond. *smh*

    • Anji Ray says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Lawd, I’m telling you I was really through with Mhissy and her messy self….Oh, the guardian thing, REALLY pissed me off…I mean REALLY???? REALLY???? Please don’t get me worked up on this little girl! lol….Thank you for reading my blog! and you can now follow me on Twitter @anjiray (It ain’t private no more) ! lol xoxo Anji Ray

  12. MsBridget says:

    I know I’m late and I just stumbled upon your blog and had to watch the show because of your breakdown. I agree is slow, she’s one of the ones that repeats the last part of your sentence after you say it (almost like she’s trying to say it at the same time) which annoys the hell out of me. But the OSTRICH feather??? omg lmao

    • Anji Ray says:

      Ms Bridget, girl………….. don’t get me riled back up about that OSTRICH tail feather girl. Lawd have mercy, Jasmine worked my nerves to no end! I’m glad I motivated you to watch the show….I ain’t gonna lie, I’m addicted to the series like 100%! Make sure to follow me on Twitter @anjiray and stay up to speed on all the craziness! Join the wave! Be blessed! xoxo Anji Ray

  13. JP says:

    CHILE…………………Tonight’s episode had me speechless…I AWAIT YOUR REVIEW

    • Anji Ray says:

      CHILE!!!!!!!! I just saw this MESS! So, I’m going to wait and combine all the ones I’ve missed since episode 6….starting at Episode 7. Review is coming THIS WEEK! Might be a video review or a soundcloud! Because HUNTY…..That ROD AND EBONY is MORE than a HAWT MESS! Thank you for being a faithful reader! xoxo Anji Ray

  14. TrixieBell says:

    Thank you for this review – I’m so glad to find that other people feel the same as I do. I am just starting to watch this show. I have NEVER felt compelled to google someone from a TV show until tonight. I was deeply shocked at the level of PURE EVIL that this MHISSY person showed. She is the purest form of psychopath I have ever seen.

    “Psychopathy.. is a personality disorder that has been variously characterized by shallow emotions (including reduced fear, a lack of empathy, and stress tolerance), coldheartedness, egocentricity, superficial charm, manipulativeness, irresponsibility, impulsivity, criminality, antisocial behavior, a lack of remorse..” Source: Wikipedia

    Not only does she play this trick on this poor girl FOR TWO YEAR – over a tiff about a man. Please. But also the way she came down and threw that rose at her and the EVILNESS in her eyes – and the way she laughed. Evil. I had to look up what “Ratchet” meant, obviously I’m not up on the latest slang terms, but that fits too. Mostly she is evil. Devoid of anything good. She said she wanted this girl to be humiliated, hurt and upset and “that’s exactly what she pictured” and then almost in the same breath she says she doesn’t want people to think “she’s a bad person.”

    Well, she showed her true colors during the confrontation – and her true color is evil, disgusting and psychopathic. We’ve all had bad things happen and we’ve all had “a crazy life” at one point or another, but that does NOT excuse what she did or that she has absolutely no remorse about it. She says she has a smile on her face when she thinks about and doesn’t feel bad about it. Sickening. I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but it really does. She’s a psychopath — Her character, morals and ethics are completely despicable. Karma is going to catch up with her for being such a nasty human being. Okay, rant over.

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