A Letter to Maia Campbell

UPDATE! Maia’s response:

@QueXopaCali_PTY @keitabugg35 @anjiray this made my day I am touched

Dear Maia,

I don’t know if you will ever come across this post, but chances are you will.  I’m proud of you sister-girl.  Like from the bottom of my heart proud.  From one actress to another, one sista to another.    I feel your pain Maia and I see your healing AND I applaud it!  It is absolutely senseless to continue harboring on the past, so here’s to your future!    Congrats on your two movie role offers!  Congrats on your thriving relationship with your daughter.

Often times its easy for people to throw stones at glass houses, but when its their glass house….all bets are off!  Your story is a TESTIMONY that no matter the circumstance there is still hope.  I know your story has touched millions, because it touched me.  God bless you girl! #Hallelujah !


Anji Ray



Maia Campbell and Her Daughter Look to Their Future – Iyanla Fix My Life – Oprah Winfrey Network – YouTube.

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