Tell The Truth Always, Cost You What It Will

“Angela (AngHEHla) , tell the truth always, cost you what it will.”

My mom used to say this quote to me as a child and still does to this day.

Now as an adult, I quote that phrase like I’m quoting scripture.  It has cost me a lot.

Hollywood is filled with a lot of compromising.  What you hear about Los Angeles is exactly what you get.  Now, I have met some really good people during my time here (almost 5 years) but that number is relatively low when compared to the trifling ones that I’ve met.

To me, image is everything and who you flock with is indicative of your character.  Birds of a feather.  Every person, including myself, is trying to meet that ONE person that believes enough in your dream to make an investment.  But at what cost?

I’ve witnessed people compromise their morals for their dreams.  The Backstabber now has dual responsibility that includes your chest as a target.  The wholesome, southern girl who moved out here to be an actress or a singer is now that druggie who panhandles at your nearest Starbucks.  People are really hurting out here in Hollywood and the sad thing is no one cares, until  it affects them.

It is heart wrenching that more than half of the people that I’ve met in Hollywood are materialistic, “twerkin” for a fit or a meal.  I wish that I had the money to go buy some Louboutins, but honestly, I’m too busy trying to collect on people who owe me money, so I can pay my RENT.   I know that all this hustling and promoting is not in vain.  I am no one’s HYPEMAN, I just believe in people and I believe in myself.  Suffice it to say, there are not many people out here like me.

By nature, I’m an encourager, an up-lifter, I honestly love people.  What kills me though is how mean people are and can be.  I’ve never seen so many selfish, narcissistic, materialistic, self-righteous people in my life!  It is unbelievable.

I think my “fault” is that I do tell the truth, always.  No filter.  If I don’t like the way someone is behaving, I don’t gossip about them, I tell them to their face.

If I’m wronged in anyway, I go to the source.  What is the sense in harboring ill feelings towards someone because of how they made you feel?  Go to the source, address it and that’s that.

With that said, let’s be clear.  What I write about on this blog is a venting of my feelings.  That’s why its my blog.  I choose not to identify people that I’m referring to by name because quite honestly that is shady.  If the shoe fits, wear it.

I’ve signed no confidentiality agreements, so technically I can write a tell-all book, but that is not in my nature.  I rather just blog about my feelings and if some producer, screenwriter, or director feels like they want to option my story then I’m open to it.

Its clear to me that NO ONE but me is going to INVEST in my dream, because honestly I’ve met enough people that could have but didn’t.  They didn’t because the price I had to pay was too high, and I wasn’t willing to compromise my beliefs and morals for anyone, anything, or for fame.

Pull my card, I have the receipts.

The moral of this entry is simple:

Tell the truth always, cost you what it will.

About Anji Ray

Anji Ray: An*jee Rey -noun Panamanian Princesa. A force. A lover. A Fighter. 5-Star. Trained. Classy. Ready. Actor. Groundling In Training.
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