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Anji Ray--Thoughts Of A Panamanian Actress


I did Not think I was gonna have to blog anymore on this HOT MESS of a story, but after what I just received it was a MUST! So, here’s the thing to all my new readers, you are going to have to read Part 1 & Part 2 to get the story in its entirety, because honestly its EXHAUSTING! Aiight, let’s just jump right into it.

Ok, so last night, or should I say 2am this morning, I get this text msg:

“If u talk to Raquan aka Philip. Tell him I said he might want to get to a doctor ASAP it is clamydia.”


Yall, I swear I only met dude’s wife once and spoke to her once AND she just Felt compelled to share this very embarrassing piece of information with me. Why? Hmmm? Why?

So now, imma have to talk about ole girl…

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About Anji Ray

Anji Ray: An*jee Rey -noun Panamanian Princesa. A force. A lover. A Fighter. 5-Star. Trained. Classy. Ready. Actor. Groundling In Training.
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