America’s Court W/Judge Ross, NCIS-L.A., Dr. House, & Free Agents!

NCIS-LA, House, America’s Court W/ Judge Ross & Free Agents!
Man yall!  God is Good!!!!  Over the past couple of months I have been blessed to be on several major network sets…and several independent sets as well…..of course all of this is background work, but I would have never traded it for a moment.  Yeah, well…..I’m lying…I would of traded it for some speakin’ lines, but hell, beggars can’t be choosers & you gotta pay your dues in the industry.  Weather it is working for measly bucks, or for free (which is mostly the case in L.A.).  Either way, ya gotta pay to play.
I could be detailed about all three experiences, but I won’t.  What I wanted to say was that as an actor, PREPARE….be on time…..LISTEN…..and most importantly……LISTEN.  I have repeatedly heard people ask crew about things that were already discussed in briefing.  I have once again, repeatedly heard BACKGROUND….Who are getting a freakin’ check, COMPLAINING.  COMPLAIN’ about how long they are going to be there for.  COMPLAIN’ about how CREW treat them like ‘ISH every time they work….COMPLAIN’, COMPLAIN’, GOSSIPIN’, COMPLAIN’.  As a trained actor and one who respects the game and the craft it is quite upsetting to me to come across people like that.   It is quite frankly, embarrassing.

The ones that make it nearly impossible to gain the respect of the director from a BACKGROUND actor, the ones who waste film time because they were watching the PRINCIPLE actors, instead of being BACKGROUND….and pissed of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd AD….or WORSE the DIRECTOR, because they were moving monotonously, or staring DIRECTLY into the camera, or TAKING pictures on a live set, Or, just not hitting your mark.  Whatever the case these are the people you should WATCH closely and AVOID like the plague!

Not everyone is like this, but there are a lot of people who don’t respect the craft enough to know set etiquette.  And to be honest with you, I’m grateful for these people.  There is a saying that “Ignorance is Bliss”….I can assure you that THAT particular saying does NOT APPLY in Hollywood.  You either know, or you don’t.

I have learned so much by being silent on set that, aside from my training and in-depth knowledge of the craft, I am grateful to have just been able to walk on to the sets of Sunset Gower, Paramount, Fox & Los Angeles Center Studios….just to get paid to say nothing…Well….EXCEPT IN AMERICA’S COURT, WHERE MY EPISODE WRAPPED THE SEASON…I CUT THE HELL UP…AND WON MY CASE!

I would have worked for free to be honest..because I’m in LOVE with #ACTING and every day I thank God for that!  Without HIM I would be NOTHING OR HAVE NOTHING!

‘Til next time my dears…..Smoochez!


Anji Ray

Finally!  HERE IS THE VIDEO!!!!! Updated NOVEMBER 7, 2012

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