Is #Twitter A Playground For Players?

Good Morning L.A.!

OK, so I have a question for all my love-boos. Is Twitter a Playground for Playas?

I think so.

I recently saw a Tweet on my timeline on Twitter with a female’s #Birthing canal in a Twitpic. It was absolutely astonishing and to say the least, DISTURBING as Hell!

Real talk.

So, here I am just scrolling down my timeline on Twitter, being nosy and I see a #comedian’s Tweet with an attached photo of her birthing canal. I’m trying not to be completely visual here, you get it.

So, with my jaws dropped and head shaking I go ahead and check ya boy’s @ mentions. WOW!

There were many accolades and whatnot! Props, good-looking’s, and a plethora of other praises.


I was forced to ask if #Twitter was a Playground for Players.

The ho who tweeted this dude her bizness had the audacity to say people were tweeting her and hating on her, calling her a ho and whatNOT.

I’ll let that trifling ‘Ish sink in.

So, sistah girl, you don’t think your actions were the least bit HO’ISH?

#BitchBooPlease! #bye!

Look, the reason why guys find no challenge in women is because of the disaster that I just described.

Twitter Hoes: STOP effing it up for the real Queens, Damn!

As for the players, unless, your timeline is private, us nosy women can find out just about EVERY and ANYTHING about your activities. Just keeping it 100. Real talk.

So, with that note. I really like this one dude, and I spoke with him just before he instructed me to write this particular blog. I hope he understands the semantics of Anji Ray, cause damnit, #ItsComplicated!

Talk to ya in the A.M. Baby!


Anji Ray

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~Anji Ray~

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