Is Black Hollywood Being Represented Well?

Hello America!

I want to keep this blog as short and thought provocative as possible.

Is Black Hollywood being represented well?

The inspiration behind this thought stemmed recently from Beyonce’s recent European photo shoot. I’m sure you all saw it. She was painted in what most are calling Blackface. But was it really?

With America’s past constantly being loomed in the present, we are more prone to thinking in the terms of racism. This photo shoot wasn’t even shot in the U.S., but in Paris.

A country that embraced those wounded and sometimes shunned because of the color of their skin. Think along the lines of Josephine Baker, Paul Robeson, tons of musicians and etc. I could go on down the list, but is it necessary?

Blackface was at first used in old minstrel shows by people of color, but later on that same artistic use was used by Caucasian people to depict people of color negatively. Whether intentional or ignorantly executed, this act has left a wound on America, but for us to keep revisiting the past hurts no one but ourselves.

Let’s keep it 100%. There are many African Countries and Tribes that continue to use a dark make-up of sorts for ceremonial purposes or religious practices. Hence the reason why it was used by original minstrel performers back in the day.

But, if that education is not shared or disclosed when writing these “Opinions” about different “controversies” then it will be taken out of context.

Beyonce was chosen! She is a numbers game and she is ALL about her Paper! She sells, its proven, and that’s that. The magazine chose her to pay TRIBUTE to an African icon. So, what’s the up-rage about?

You know, slavery still does exist. It exists in the minds of those who choose to stay submitted to the old thoughts of ideology.

Never forget, but forgive. Vote! Expand your cultural database!

See, I was fortunate enough to live in different countries, mainly Europe all my life. In addition to that, both of my parents are from Panama, Central America. And from the stories my parents have told and the unfortunate situations I have experienced, it is America that has decided to focus on the actions of slavery, even in 2011.

Its sad. The first time I was called a Nigger was in Georgia. Wow. I lived in a country that was taken over by one of the most sickest people in the world, Hitler, and didn’t even know that Nazi’s were still alive and kicking until I lived in Panama.

I said all that to say this:

As an actor of color, I want to be proud of what I’m doing in Hollywood, as I’m sure Beyonce is. I want to be able to represent not only America, but Panama as well.

I was afforded a life that everyone was not, but that doesn’t mean that I am not aware of struggle. Hell, I’m fighting an uphill battle now.

Live your life how you want, but if you are fortunate enough or have an opportunity to live or even visit other countries, then do it! Don’t have the funds to travel? Gotta library card? Can you read? Then experience reality through historical documentation.

Because, once you have the exposure, then the Old ideologies that are so deeply embedded and dispersed throughout the veins of America will start to shrivel and wield itself to the new thoughts of Total freedom and then America will be able to finally BREATHE!

Relax and Enjoy Life….To its fullest.

Love Yall,

Anji Ray

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~Anji Ray~

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