So, last night was the most interesting evening… So (that is my word of choice), SO…I just had 2 make sure I had something to blog about today.

And LAWD! LAWD! LAWD! Do I !!!

So, I saw my 1st NBA #Epic #Fail encounter today:

I meet Niki Minaj!

Oh, I’m joking, but sistah girl looked EXACTLY like her!

Platimum china-banged hair, small frame and her skin color resembled that of BLACKENED Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Chicken Minaj garnered a significant amount of attention!! Ok?


So, I’m on the computer right and ole girl says:

“Girl, is that YOU?!”


So I say to myself,

“Self, did Pollo Minaj just ask me if my blog picture was REALLY me?”

Yall know what I said???

I told her:

“No, girl, you know everybody in the world Gotta twin.”


#GDIT_Golddigger In Training!!!

Yall! I was so distraught!

I was thinking, “OK,Chicken-Fi-Lay, must be blind.

Its obvious that the SCREEN resolution was not altered and that my bright ass white teeth were not veneers!

I have to admit, Pollo Minah was pissed off that I said LiL Kim killed Niki Minaj on that BLACK FRIDAY MIXTAPE!

By that point, she was convinced that I was a hater that she just got up and left.

Well, I’ll BE DAMNED!

Did it only take that? !

I don’t LIKE Niki’s style, that’s not to say I don’t respect her work. I do.

LMAO! I’m done in this area!

OK, so I think the bartender’s homegirl was a man…..

YALL!!! I was doing some serious squintin’ to see if I was seeing correctly. And…

I was.

Dude was STRAIGHT ADAMS APPLE all the way! Lol. But yall wanna know what’s REALLY a Tummy Tickler?

There were some FYNE dudes hollering at “HIM”!


It was amazing!

In all of my life, I have never WITNESSED such RACHETNESS! I really, deep down in my soul believe. that those particular dudes were deceived!

I don’t think any of them had a DESIGNATED WOMAN VERIFIER at all (DWV) and if perchance they did, oooooooooo Lawd!! Is all I have 2 say about that mess

SO, anyways, I. Forgot to tell yall I told Niki that I’m a blogger. She asks the following foolishness in utter ASTONISHMENT;


*dumbfounded, I place my right thumb into my mouth*

I can’t believe this… right…. here! Did this BASIC BITCH just ask me if I knew how to WRITE?!!!

I decide to leave the powder room 15 minutes later.

You know why?

Oh, just to let that mess sink iN.

AND, Because, ya just don’t BANG on the door like you’re an Orphan!!! Have some class !!! Geeeeeeesh!


So, later on, I made a trip to the women’s room to freshen up right? To be abruptly interrupted by hearing this police knock on the door, so I’m hotttttttt now and I’m bout to let who rapped it, tell it:

I viciously tear open the door:

“YES!!?” *head tilted Sistah Girl Style*

A moment of utter silence…

So, my long hair, don’t care self made EYE contact with everyone in the immediate vicinity trying to determine who had lost their mind:

I ultimately found myself staring at YET ANOTHER … BB (BAsic B***H) directly in my line of view: SMDH I asked,

“Did you just loudly rapp on this door?” .

She says ,”Yes.”

I stare in bewilderment

” Well, you’ll simply have to Wait till I’m done.” I respond. *Silently clasping the locks.*

I…… KNOW……. SHE……. DIDN’T !

Okay, I’m done cause if I go on…Lawd it would be COMEDY CENTRAL ON WORDPRESS
More Rachetness 2 Come

*Send me your Most Triflin’ NBA ALL STAR photo and I’ll send you a M.A.C. Studio Fix! Contest ends Sunday!

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~Anji Ray~

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