A GoldDigger’s Karma-Part 3-A Trilogy


I did Not think I was gonna have to blog anymore on this HOT MESS of a story, but after what I just received it was a MUST! So, here’s the thing to all my new readers, you are going to have to read Part 1 & Part 2 to get the story in its entirety, because honestly its EXHAUSTING! Aiight, let’s just jump right into it.

Ok, so last night, or should I say 2am this morning, I get this text msg:

“If u talk to Raquan aka Philip. Tell him I said he might want to get to a doctor ASAP it is clamydia.”


Yall, I swear I only met dude’s wife once and spoke to her once AND she just Felt compelled to share this very embarrassing piece of information with me. Why? Hmmm? Why?

So now, imma have to talk about ole girl, let’s call her, Basic B***H, BB for short, shall we?

So, BB, this is what I NEED you never in your human lifespan to do again. Never share personal health facts with a stranger, they may actually tell the world, (As I’m doing RIGHT now). This is the thing, the shit that happened to you was PREVENTABLE! You could have stopped seeing green for a moment and got all the facts about your fugitive husband PRIOR to the shag wedding in Vegas. Yet, u didn’t. And once you found out all the facts including your new STD, you text random strangers for sympathy? No, no, no, girlfriend! You need to grow up! Classy women don’t do shit like that.

So, I initially felt bad for you but now honey, you are KARMA’S number one example. Now, I know your ass is nasty because, you didn’t make him strap up AND it takes a minute for diseases like that to POP up, so it wasn’t after the wedding. Honey, be glad its something curable.

It kills me how women can be so Basic sometimes, but yet, lack the human gift from God of common sense. WOW!

BB, texted me like we had been chopping it up for YEARS and like I talk to her fugitive husband often. Just outta the blue, you wanna text me that mess? Girl….that is RACHET! It says a lot about the type of female you are, just plain ole uncouth. UNCOUTH! Where is your dignity? Damn, no wonder Fugitive got over on you cause you are just a hot dumb mess!

Ladies, ladies, ladies, my plea to you on a closing note is to PLEASE share information with people on a Need-to-Know basis. And have some respect for yourself. Don’t NOBODY wanna roll ova to read a triflin ass text message about your newly discovered STD. Especially, someone you don’t know! In other words:


Yall, I’m through and exhausted from this damn story! I’ll talk to yall later. SMDH & ROFLMA!

*The names of these DAMN fools have been changed to protect their identification*



~Anji Ray~

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Anji Ray: An*jee Rey -noun Panamanian Princesa. A force. A lover. A Fighter. 5-Star. Trained. Classy. Ready. Actor. Groundling In Training. Facebook.com/anjirayproductions
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