Its My Time!

Hello Beautiful EL LAY People & America!

So, I felt an innate prompting to write about something positive and uplifting this morning. I mainly took to blogging because I have been avoiding my love of writing. With tons of journals and books, I kind of felt that I had so much to say but didn’t feel as though anyone really cared to listen. But not anymore! This entry is a reminder to myself and everyone else that your dreams do matter and Let no man tell you otherwise!

Sometimes I question if I really have what it takes to be a successful actor. But that’s where it Stops… as just a question. I know that God didn’t PULL me from a life that was spiraling downwards just to bring me Clear across the country just to leave me abandoned. Not at all.

Recently, I’ve experienced some changes and I can honestly say that I’m happy that I’m going through what some may deem as a “Nightmare”. What a lot of people fail to realize is that sometimes God has a Bigger and Better plan for you that you could ever imagine but we often stand in HIS way and try to pave our own paths, ultimately Missing out on our blessings. I’ve done this so many times that I was able to realize that THIS time I needed to fall back and let HIM do his thang!

I want to say that even though it seems like no one cares one way or the other about your particular life problem or trials, that God does. And I have to give HIM all praise for allowing me to have a strong Faith base and a family that reared me in the church. Now I know that some people do not believe in God, but Everyone HAS to believe in a Higher Power in order to make sense of life.

So, I just want to say that “ITS MY TIME”! Period. I’ve never told anyone except for a few friends and my immediate family this, but I am DETERMINED to get an Oscar Nomination or An Oscar by 2016! That is exactly 5 years from now to the month! I often imagine if I could be doing something other than the Craft as an alternate career choice and the answer is NO! I was Born This Way (In the words of Lady Gaga). Born to be an example to all my peers and the generations to come. An Example of what perseverance and running the race really means.

Its okay to fall on your face, make stupid nonsensical decisions, make friends with those who are poison to our souls and to GIVE too much. But what you have to realize is that you gotta get back up! No excuses!

A lot of people find that they can not be by themselves, left with their own thoughts. But, you can. In fact I encourage it, it helps you really see what is good for you and where you can improve. It forces you to look at your flaws and your gifts. Try it, its like medicine to your soul.

Lastly, to all my fellow Thespians and anyone else in the entertainment field: We will make it! There is a formula to success in this business. First and foremost we have to FOCUS on ourselves and be happy for others. Don’t fall into the category as a HATER. If you didn’t get the part or land that deal don’t Hate on someone who did. Congratulate and keep it moving. Sharpen your skill set. No one is just “LUCKY”. You know as a closing statement, I once heard a preacher say this:

Luck is Opportunity meeting Preparedness.

So, Let’s get it!


Anji Ray

~Anji Ray~

About Anji Ray

Anji Ray: An*jee Rey -noun Panamanian Princesa. A force. A lover. A Fighter. 5-Star. Trained. Classy. Ready. Actor. Groundling In Training.
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