A Gold-Diggers Karma!

Good Morning L.A.!

I don’t know what or how to feel these days about women who give men all the power. I mean, yes, granted I’m all about uplifting men and giving them their rightful positions and respect. BUT..when I see women just give up everything and everyone just to be with a guy, that’s a major red flag. MAJOR. I heard this bizarre story yesterday about a chick who married this guy after a month of dating him. She told me HE dragged her to the Altar in Vegas to get married.

**Moment of Silence to let that stupid shit sink in**

Was she sober? Yep. She said she married him because he was in love with her but she didn’t feel anything for him. #Confused. Well, I happen to know dude and he is very flashy with all the bells and whistles. Always carries a stack of cash 100’s and wears the finest garments. So, that’s the real reason she married dude. But after the marriage she starts to get a weird feeling that’s somethings not right with him. So her family hires a Private Investigator, this is AFTER they get married. This is After she got a credit card for Him in her name! This is AFTER she put a $3000 apartment in HER name for “Them”! This is After she put a Convertible rental in HER name! This is AFTER she got into $9000 dollars of debt for him! Lawd, Lawd, Lawd, Oooooohhhh Lawd! What did they find out? That dude was WANTED in another state for PAROLE violation, for FRAUD! His name isn’t even what he said it was, big surprise there huh? I was in a state of utter freaking SHOCK! Because, like I said, I know dude, but I also knew dude was toooooo suspect. But he was cool with me. I feel sorry for him because overall he really had a good spirit, he just had a demon that he’s been dealing with, apparently for a long time. I think he wanted to get caught, got tired of running. Damn. But, guess who called the cops? Wifey. I don’t feel bad for her at all because, its OBVIOUS she was a Gold-Digger! See that shit?! See, now Girl, why would someone running from the law go and get married? Dude knew exactly what he was doing. We women are one of the most noisiest creatures to walk the Earth. GIRL! He was Just Not ThaT into you! I hope she learned her lesson. And I hope dude can come to terms with his demon and find peace. I wrote all this because Women need to smarten up and realize it aint all about the Benjamins!! If he’s into you, you will know. He won’t ask you for anything. Period. I mean if your dating and have been for awhile, then automatically you will want to do things for your man, cuz its a two-way street. Ladies, please realize that we have ALL the power! Like Monique said there’s POWER IN THE P! Try keeping your legs closed and see how far you will get. Keeping them closed will weed out all the losers, beggers, and bums! A real man is looking for a REAL lady. Not a ho. So take heed, because, the story I just told could happen to any Gold-Digger! As always, I welcome your comments both good and Constructive!

Love Yall!

Anji Ray

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